Natasha Garoosi

New York City , New York

Video, Marketing, entrepreneurship, branding, social media, art direction, digital media production, event production,

Natasha Garoosi is a creative producer and director for multimedia born & based in New York City. Her mother is Chinese born in Colombia and her father is Iranian raised in Italy. Diversity is something she strongly values and it is naturally inherent in the work she creates.

By the age of 21, her work has seamlessly reached millions of international viewers and has been featured on Nick Knight’s-ShowStudio, ELLE, TEEN VOGUE, SELF, Playboy, DAILY MAIL, amongst other global publications and television stations. She creatively conceptualizes, produces & executes each project she takes part in.

Her website - High Quality Human Beings recognizes real influential people across all industries to engage in conversations that unite us. An HQHB is someone courageous enough to recognize their vulnerabilities as strengths to empower others.

Minimum: 30 Minutes $26.25
Hourly Rate: $50.00
Service Fee: 5%

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