Colin O'Brady

Portland, OR

Entrepreneurship, PR, Social Media, Non-Profit, Biz Development, Motivation, Inspiration, Public Speaking, Health

A two-time world record holder and Yale University graduate, Colin O’Brady has spent the last two decades as an elite endurance athlete. Through exploration and adventure, O’Brady embodies what it means to overcome obstacles, test limits, dream big, set goals, and never give up. His inspirational path showcases making the impossible, possible.

O’Brady knows first hand the grit and determination required to overcome a devastating injury, to push preserved limits, to move a concept from idea to reality, and turn that into a record breaking achievement. O’Brady builds projects that aim to make the world a better place. O’Brady contributes his efforts charitably to inspire kids and their communities to dream big, set goals, and lead active, healthy lives. Whether talking to corporations, school groups or entrepreneurs, O’Brady understands the lessons he’s learned through sport and physical activity are directly applicable to outcomes across all industries. O’Brady is one of America’s most experienced athletes and a savy explorer and he brings an Ivy league education to the table, enabling him to think critically and relate his story to the clients he’s engaging with in various settings.
Featured on CBS Sunday Morning, The Washington Post, Huffington Post, Men's Journal, Outside Magazine,, and TODAY among many other national media outlets, O’Brady is a sought after public speaker with a growing reputation that inspires.
And the best news, O’Brady is just getting started. His next athletic pursuit is on the horizon, but O’Brady’s passion to doing good remains. Always committed to a better future for the next generation, O’Brady continues to run his non-profit, BEYOND 7/2, which works to impact kids’ health and reverse the inactivity trends that challenge the health of our nation.

Minimum: 30 Minutes $65.62
Hourly Rate: $125.00
Service Fee: 5%

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