David Champion

Denver, Colorado

UX design, UI design, Sketch, Photoshop, Illustrator, Product Management, Project Management, Design recruiting, Meditation, Psychedelics.

David Champion is Chief Product Officer at Baker, bringing expertise in behavioral design to the cannabis industry. Launched by Champion and his team in 2014, Baker is the fastest-growing cannabis retail platform, now connecting dispensaries and marijuana producers with their customers across the US and in Canada.

Brought up in Papua New Guinea, Portugal and Scotland, Champion most recently lived in Kenya, where he founded an educational non-profit in response to policies that unfairly exclude children from primary schooling. He graduated with 1st Class Honors in Architecture at Cambridge University, shortly before moving to New York City to work with Daniel Libeskind on the Ground Zero masterplan.

His first venture, UnitedInsight, orchestrated industry-leading events bridging behavioral economics research and business leadership, helping form organizational strategy at large and small companies that included Walmart, JPMorgan, Pepsi and others.

Minimum: 30 Minutes $52.50
Hourly Rate: $100.00
Service Fee: 5%


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