What is Doer?

Doer is a platform that connects people for expert advice, problem solving, and coaching in real time, for paid sessions. As expertise is being distributed across the internet, an expert in any field can publish a link to their Doer profile anywhere they have a presence online to be hired immediately at their hourly rate. Think of Doer as the internet's “Hire Me Now” button.

How does Doer work?

Whether your skill set is creative, highly technical, strategic, academic, or deliverable focused, Doer allows you to connect with potential clients in real time from anywhere on the internet.

Setting up a profile is free and allows you to showcase your skills, set your own hourly rate, and get paid for your time directly, to your bank account, paypal, or venmo with no processing fees.

When a potential client visits your profile, they can instant message with you for free. If you are not in front of your computer when you someone messages you through the platform, you can set up text message (SMS) notifications so you never miss a client. The client will be able to see skills, hourly fee, and minimum at a glance and can request to hire you on the spot or pick a later time to connect for a session.

Once the client requests a session, you, the expert will have the opportunity to accept or decline the session. If accepted, the client will be able to enter their payment details and start a working session right away. The client will have the options of voice communication, video conference, and/or screen share. Instant messaging is also active during all sessions.

How do potential customers find me?

The beauty and simplicity of the Doer platform is that it integrates with your existing online presence. You decide how your clients find you. Simply cut and paste the link to your Doer profile in the places you can already be found online. Add the link to your social media and forum profiles, personal websites, email signature, etc., to start booking clients.

If the session is not a good fit for me, can I cancel for free?

The client and the expert both have the option to cancel the session within the first three minutes with no charge to the client. After the session has been active for three minutes, the client is liable for the minimum payment, and will additionally be charged per minute for all time exceeding the minimum.

Once the session is over, the payment will be escrowed for twenty four hours and then released to the expert using their preferred payout method. In the rare event of a dispute, the client can make a claim anytime during the twenty four hour escrow period and Doer customer service will assist in resolving the dispute. If a claim is not made within twenty four hours, it will be at the sole discretion of the expert to decide whether or not to issue a partial or full refund.

How do I become an expert?

Login to your existing Doer profile if you have one, or create a profile if you do not. Go to “profile” in the top right corner scroll down to Expert Public Settings. Fill out all of the data in the required fields accurately and save the settings. We will need to approve your vendor account which may be instant or take up to 48 hours. Once approved, your receive a message from HQ in your messages letting you know, from that point you are ready to go! Paste the link to your profile page anywhere on the internet that you have an audience and demonstrate your skills.

If any of the information you provide in this section is inaccurate or false, it may not be approved and will not be able to accept payment through the Doer platform.

Does Doer charge a fee?

Doer charges a 10% service fee in addition to the rate set by the expert. The expert will receive all of the fee they set. Included in Doer’s 10% service fee is the credit card processing fee.

Can I be an expert on Doer?

Yes. Anyone can be an expert on Doer! However, there are some uses that are prohibited on Doer, see the full list here in our Terms Of Service. Experts will also need to be approved for credit card processing and payouts through our system, and certain restrictions may apply. If you are not approved, you will not be able to accept payments through the Doer platform.

What happens if I start a paid session with someone and then realize that they are not the right fit for me?

We strongly encourage clients to vet potential experts using the free instant messaging service. After starting a paid session, either party can quit the session anytime in the first three minutes with no charge. After the first three minutes, you can end the session at any time, but you will be charged for the expert’s minimum plus any more accrued time that is prorated on a per minute basis, and the service fee.

What communication methods do I have to work with an expert on Doer?

Doer supports live video chat, voice over internet, messaging, and screen share.

Does it cost money to message with an Expert?

Messaging an expert is free on Doer and you do not need an account or to enter payment details to message an expert. Once the session has begun, the customer is being charged for the expert’s time regardless of the communication method like video, voice, messaging, or other.


What about confidentiality?

Doer strongly encourages users on both sides to discuss their confidentiality concerns before starting a session and to exercise common sense and normal caution. Doer can not enforce any confidentiality agreements made between its users. For more information, please refer to the Terms of Service.

Can I use the information provide by an expert on Doer for commercial purposes?

Please refer to the Terms of Service. You may do so, long as the information and/or deliverables provided by the expert is not protected or restricted by patents, copyright, SEC rules, third party nondisclosure agreements, etc. Please keep in mind that while using Doer all federal, state, international, and local laws regarding the sharing of inside information or protected information apply.

Generally speaking, the expert understands that they are being paid for their services and understand that the client may use what they have learned for their own purposes, including commercial purposes. Aside from the fee for time transaction enabled by the Doer platform, the expert makes no further claim or restrictions on how the client may use that information and/or deliverables.

Does Doer guarantee that the advice or work product I get from an expert on the platform is perfect information?

Doer is a powerful platform, because it allows you to connect to the exact right person no matter where you may find them on the internet. We are an open platform that anyone may use, and we do not vet a user’s skill level or resume in any way, so clients need to spend some time with free messaging to make sure that both parties are a good fit for each other. Doer in no way warranties any of the information or deliverables enabled by or exchanged on the platform. Please refer to the Terms of Service.


Are there specific uses that are restricted on the Doer platform?

Doer is designed to allow you to monetize your expertise by selling advice and teaching sessions. However, there are restricted uses. Doer follows the rules restrictions from our payment partner, Braintree. Please review the full list of restricted uses (e.g. “essay mills” and “fortune tellers”) in the Braintree Acceptable Use Policy

Payment Details

I’m an expert, when do I get paid?

Once a paid session has ended, the payment will be escrowed for twenty four hours. After twenty four hours, the payment will be sent to you by your preferred payout method, ACH bank transfer, Venmo, or Paypal. Depending on your payout preference, the transfer may be instant, as in the case of Venmo, or take 1-3 business days, depending on your bank.

Will I be charged for the text messages I send and receive while communicating on Doer?

On the Doer platform, the text message (SMS) service is optional. You can turn this feature on or off in your profile settings. We encourage experts to activate this feature so that you will know right away when you have a potential client no matter where you are, and can communicate with them in real time. The experts that respond the quickest get hired the most. Text messages sent or received while using Doer are subject to normal text message (SMS) charges from your wireless carrier.

What does it mean to “authorize” my card?

When you enter your payment details and begin a session, Doer will authorize your card for the full amount of one hour of the expert’s rate plus the service charge. This amount is verified and then put on hold, but not actually debited from your account, or “settled” until the end of the session.

Once the session is complete the hold is lifted and your card is charged (settled) only for the time actually accrued during the session. If the session is going to be longer than one hour, you will need to begin a second session after the first one expires. This process will continue for as long as both parties wish to continue.

How can I know how much I’ll be charged for a session?

When viewing an expert’s profile you will see a table outlining their fees in the left hand column just below the expert’s profile picture. There, a potential client can see the hourly rate, the minimum amount for a session, and the Doer service fee of 10%. If a session is not canceled in the first three minutes, you will be charged for the expert’s hourly fee, prorated to the minimum, plus the service fee. After the minimum is exceeded, a client will be charged on a per minute basis of the expert’s hourly fee plus the service charge. Once a full hour is reached, the session will auto-expire and the payment will be settled. If both parties wish to continue for more time, they will need to initiate a new session.

Why do I see multiple charges on my account from one session?

When you start a session with a Doer expert, your credit card is authorized for a full hour of the expert’s fee plus the Doer service charge. If your session is less than the hour, your card is just settled for the time you used, or the expert’s minimum, whichever is greater. If your session runs over an hour, your card is settled for full first hour and then you may authorized for another hour, and so on.

As an expert, how much do I get from the hourly fee I set. Are there any fees deducted?

Experts will get the full amount of the fee they set, prorated for the amount of minutes of each session. Doer charges a small service fee to the customer in addition to the expert fee.

If I’m not getting what I need from a session can I get my money back?

Once a session has begun, you have three minutes in which to cancel the session with no charge. After that, you will be charged for the minimum plus for all time elapsed per minute after you have exceeded the minimum.

Additionally, before a session begins, it is free to message back and forth with the expert on Doer. We encourage you to describe what you are trying to accomplish with the session in detail using this method before beginning a session so that both parties agree its a good fit. Once the session is complete, both parties will be able to review each other or flag the user for any inappropriate conduct.

Do I have to pay taxes on the money I make through Doer?

At the end of each year Doer’s payment partner Braintree will send each expert a 1099 for an earnings they received through Doer, and those earnings will be reported to the IRS.


Will my contact information be shared with the other party to a session?

Doer will not share your contact info with the other party to a session and we recommend that you use the embedded chat, video, and voice tools to conduct the session. If you are going to use screen share during your session we recommend that you hide any personal identification information from your desktop and that you keep in mind the other party will be able to see your full screen, not just the window you are looking at.

We strongly recommend that you do not share any of your personal information or contact info during a session on Doer. Users who attempt to solicit sessions off of the Doer platform may have their accounts temporarily or permanently suspended.

I’m using Safari for my browser, why is video chat not working?

Currently, Safari does support WebRTC (Web Real Time Communications). We recommend saving the expert’s Doer link in your clipboard and then open up another browser like Chrome or Firefox.

How do I schedule a time to meet an expert later?

It’s easy to set up a meeting time with an expert through messaging. At the agreed upon meeting time, send the expert a session request and once they accept enter your payment details and the session will begin.

What should I do to prepare for a session with an expert?

You are free to use the built-in microphone and camera that comes with most computers, but here are a few helpful tips to optimize your session.

* Get a decent USB headset, or at least use headphones to cut down on any undesired feedback.

* Clear out any personal information from your desktop before screen sharing that you may not want the other party to see.

* Prepare any files or links that you may want to use during the session and know how to access them quickly.

* If you will be using video chat, make sure you are in a well lit environment.

* Request the session from a browser other than Safari, which does not support Web Real Time Communications.

* Like any meeting, be prepared for your Doer session. Make notes in advance about what you would like to work on, and what outcomes your are seeking.

Hey, have fun!