Evan Oman

St. Paul, MN

scala, apache-spark, julia-lang, python, linux, java

I am a curious, passionate, and driven software developer with a master's degree in Applied Mathematics and 3 years of professional working experience. I have worked in companies both large and small on a variety of problems ranging from Web User Interfaces to Algorithm Research and Development.

Currently, I am Systems Engineer working on technical solutions for Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance contracts. My time is split between reading technical papers to find new approaches and developing prototypes and eventually systems which implement those approaches.

Previously I was also a part time Data Science consultant using Apache Spark, Scala, and Python.

Competencies: Applied Mathematics, Agile Software Development, Academic Research, Java/C/Python/R, and some Data Science.

Minimum: 10 Minutes $10.50
Hourly Rate: $60.00
Service Fee: 5%


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