Larissa May

New York, NY

Social Media Strategy, Campaign Design, Creative Direction, Start Up, Market Research, Focus group design.

Larissa May, also known as @livinlikelarz, is an influencer, social media strategist, and founder of #HALFTHESTORY, an instagram campaign, which aims to challenge the status quo of millennials, by encouraging students to change the lens in which they view other “social stories,” and to serve as a platform to gain support around entrepreneurship, innovation, and discovery. Larz has been featured in Teen Vogue, The Chicago Sun Times Splash, as an “Instagram Star.” Larz has been a correspondent for and AOL lifestyles for NYFW. Through Livinlikelarz, she has successfully planned and executed partnerships with Teen Vogue, Sephora Formula X , and Make a Wish Foundation.

Minimum: 30 Minutes $42.00
Hourly Rate: $80.00
Service Fee: 5%

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